Extending compassion to the neglected poor

HOPE International Development Agency exists to improve the supply of basic human necessities for the neediest of the developing world through self-help activities, and to challenge, educate, and involve North Americans regarding development issues.

You are important to us and the poor

We carefully steward every donation. We know it's important that we send the vast majority of funds overseas so that people get the help they need in order to transform their lives and free themselves from poverty. Read our Annual Report to donors.

Cash donations are receipted and are tax deductible in Canada and the United States of America. In some cases, donors can see their contribution doubled or tripled because some of our projects are matched by the federal and provincial governments. However, most of our projects rely solely on the compassionate support of donors. Learn more about our stewardship of your donations by reading our most recent Annual Report.

Our work is people oriented

We extend a helping hand to the poorest of the poor so they can regain their self-sufficiency, or in cases of disaster, survive and rebuild.

Long-term & self-sustaining

Our work creates long-term, self-sustaining benefits for people by teaching them income generating skills and further developing family and community infrastructures, like clean water, education, vocational training, sustainable agriculture practices, disease prevention, revolving loan funds and community planning methods.

Community driven

Any changes to a community must be spearheaded by the community. We do not ‘do’ charity to a community. When we help a community to install clean water systems, we are doing exactly that: helping a community to do it themselves. They approach us, and we assist them to make the changes that they have identified as being important.

Taking the time to educate people

‘Make haste slowly’. This is an old African expression, and it applies perfectly to our work with the poor. In our work, educating the people to maintain their own systems is a very important priority. It takes longer to educate, but it means the work will have been worthwhile.

People driven solutions

Entrepreneurial campaigns that promise rapid change are very appealing. People love the idea that a new product will suddenly and substantially change the quality of life for the poor. They will believe this to the tune of millions of dollars. Sometimes technological innovations do help out the poor. But by and large, what really seems to help the poor is a harder sell: conscientious, people-driven, simple solutions paired with plenty of education.

The founders of HOPE International Development Agency are Christian people. Our organization is supported by a broad spectrum of caring people and we are not affiliated with any denomination and remain true to our roots in compassionate Christianity.

Our help is provided unconditionally

Regardless of their background, all of our donors have a common perspective: they are deeply moved by the suffering of families in the developing world and give out of a sense of compassion and expectation that things can be made better for families in need.

Help comes in many forms

Donations to our work come in many forms, such as volunteering time, providing free expertise, equipment, medicine, shipping costs, and donations of funds. Donations are shared amongst our work in Africa, Asia and the Americas.