More HOPE and Possibility in 2021!

Since 1975, HOPE supporters and partners have enabled more than 25 million people to step out of poverty.

HOPE International Development Agency is compelled by compassion and the inherent worth and potential of every person.

We are a collective of entrepreneurial and dedicated people who are responsive to overlooked families living in extreme poverty.

Together, we equip and empower possibility through approaches that are locally initiated, sustainable and permanent with a focus on clean water, food security and livelihoods.

Low administration is only one part of our story.

Every dollar counts because every person counts. The real story is in the outcomes your donations create for the poorest of the poor. Read our most recent Annual Report.

The impact of your gift continues year after year.

One gift from you keeps on giving for years to come as people share what they've learned with others in their community.

We're committed to the poor and to you.

Self-reliance for the poorest of the poor and accountability to you. These two things matter most to us.

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Events In Your Area
All public HOPE International events are postponed due to COVID-19 health guidance.