Your opportunity to do something extraordinary this Christmas is here!

The gifts in this year's Gifts of HOPE Christmas catalogue do much more than make people incredibly happy... they completely transform their lives.

El Rosalito is the only community in the mountainous San Jose de Ocoa region of the Dominican Republic that does not have access to clean water. When visiting the community recently, it was evident that the 500 women, children and men who live there are suffering.

You can help the families of El Rosalito gain access to clean water that will transform their lives and community.

Ongoing conflict in Western Equatoria, the region of South Sudan where we have been working for years, is forcing families to abandon their homes and farm fields and run for their lives. The few possessions they own are left behind as they flee from the towns of Nagero and Raga to the relative safety of Ezo.

Families arrive in Ezo with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They need food. They need tools to establish small vegetable gardens. They need shelter.

Helping families in the Democratic Republic of Congo double the production of their fish ponds helps them achieve their goal of becoming free from poverty.

Your gift will help help provide higher quality Tilapia fingerlings, vastly improving the productivity of existing ponds. Additional training in the latest fish farming methods will be provided as well, ensuring the sustainability of the fish ponds for years to come. Families will also receive new hand tools to help with pond maintenance and expansion.

Raising small farm animals, like pigs, is a way for families to increase the amount of food and income they have throughout the year, enabling them to become self-reliant.

Your gift of $60 will help ensure that a family receives a female pig, which they will raise and breed to produce piglets. Some of the piglets will be kept and others will be given to families in the village who will begin raising pigs and doing the same. Your gift to a family today will grow to help many more families this year as the pig’s offspring are shared throughout the village. The positive impact of your gift will increase multiple times this year alone.


HOPE International Development Agency exists to improve the supply of basic human necessities for the neediest of the developing world through self-help activities, and to challenge, educate, and involve people in the developed world regarding development issues. We're looking for an Executive Director to lead a small, highly talented staff raising funds and overseeing projects on four continents.


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    Donate to help people gain access to clean water, nutritious food, good health, education, and income generating skills.

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    Provide monthly support for an orphaned or disadvantaged child, a family, or an entire community.

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    Read a story of hope from South Sudan where lives have been transformed.

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Low administration is only one part of our story.

Every dollar counts because every person counts. The real story is in the outcomes your donations create for the poorest of the poor. Read our most recent Annual Report.

The impact of your gift continues year after year.

One gift from you keeps on giving for years to come as people share what they've learned with others in their community.

We're committed to the poor and to you.

Self-reliance for the poorest of the poor and accountability to you. These two things matter most to us.

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