HOPE's COVID-19 Response

In these uncertain times, the certainty of your compassion and giving is the only HOPE for highly vulnerable families trapped in dire circumstances, bracing for COVID-19 in the coming days and weeks.

  A Message From Kim Savage, Executive Director


Our partners in Africa, Asia and the Americas continue to be on the front lines and need your help to care for the people seen every day. We're supporting their efforts to provide immediate relief to families currently caught up in the pandemic and help communities prepare for when COVID-19 reaches their region.

Efforts to help highly vulnerable families include:
  • Directing additional funding to urgent efforts to protect families
  • Sending more support to purchase urgently needed food stuffs
  • Shipping more containers of medical supplies to communities experiencing chronic shortages
  • Helping distribute masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and soap in displaced persons camps

COVID-19 continues to present challenging times for all of us as individuals, in our households and our communities. We at HOPE International are taking decisive measures to keep the financial support flowing to our partners.

You are HOPE for families already facing extreme poverty and facing a crisis that is as threatening than the life they endure daily.

Please give what you can, so we can do what we can to care.


What We're Doing Nationally

We continue to prioritize the safety of our staff, volunteers and supporters and follow current recommendations from our Canadian and international health authorities, the Public Health Agency of Canada, provincial health bodies and government and the World Health Organization. We have temporarily suspended our annual spring fundraising dinners Canada-wide and other public engagement activities.

How To Contact Us

You can reach HOPE representatives in your area directly by the usual methods of email or phone.

You can reach our Head Office by calling (local) 604-525-5481 or toll-free at 1-866-525-HOPE(4673) or by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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