Where are the orphans from "Children of Hope" now?

Thanks to the support of compassionate donors like you, Aklilu, Gebremeskel, Adissu, and Mulualem have redefined their realities, and are growing up with dignity.

Aklilu, the young boy who lost his father to AIDS and was abandoned by his mother, is now in grade 9. His mother once returned home briefly but strong stigma about being HIV-positive pushed her to leave again, leaving Aklilu behind. There are no easy fixes, but Aklilu has not been left alone. He has continued going to school, receiving support for his tuition, shelter, food, and medical care, and is moving forward.

Gebremeskel is HIV-positive, but is receiving antiretroviral therapy treatments to keep him healthy. Now 17 years old and in grade 9, Gebremeskel is studying hard so that he can become a doctor and help others. He lives with his aunt, who is taking good care of him.

Adissu was 9 years old and had not yet started school when he began to receive support. Adissu is now 18 years old and has proudly made it to high school; he is in grade 8. He attends his classes in the evening because he prefers to study with the older students that attend those classes. During the day, he works to help his aunt care for their family. When he completes grade 10, he plans to enroll in vocational training.

Mulualem is now 22, and has completed his high school education. He didn’t wish to continue post-secondary schooling, but has a respectable job as a driver and is managing well.

With the opportunity for schooling, shelter, medical support, food support, and other basic needs, these children have redefined their realities. No longer caught in a cycle of poverty without options, they have bright futures ahead of them. You can help make a life of difference for children in need.

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