Building Family Ties FAQ

When do I need to sign up in order to have my monthly gift matched for one year?
Begin your monthly support before November 30, 2017 and your monthly gift will be matched for a one year period that begins the day your first monthly gift is processed.

Can I write to my child or family?
Yes. Your child or family would love to receive letters and photographs from you. When writing to your family, send your correspondence to HOPE International Development Agency and we will forward it to your family.

Can I send presents to my child or family?
You can send small, flat items such as pictures, postcards, or stickers that can be shared. However, to ensure that all children are treated equally, we ask that you not send gifts.

How often will I receive reports about my child or family?
Progress reports are provided once per year.

How long do I support a child or family?
The Building Family Ties program is generally a commitment of 5 years. As long as the family or child remains in the program, you may continue to support them. Occasionally, circumstances of your child or family may change so that support time is not as long. In the case of your child or family leaving the area or the program, we will help set you up with another child or family.

Is it possible for me to support more than one family or child?
Absolutely! How many families and children you choose to support is an individual choice, and many Building Family Ties supporters have more than one child or family.

Can I receive reports and new information electronically to save paper to keep costs as low as possible?
Yes. If you prefer, progress reports can be delivered to you online via email. Please contact Rainbow Choi, Program Manager, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request this option. You may also check out updates online at

Why do some projects have higher monthly rates than others?
Your support to children and families is based on their needs identified by our partners in different countries. Because each country has programs designed to meet differing needs, the costs are reflective of the type of work being done whether it be extra support and meeting daily needs of AIDS orphans in Ethiopia, providing education for young Filipino children, or providing vocational training and helping families set up their own business in India.

How can I help reduce payment administration costs?
To help us reduce administration costs, and use your money most effectively to help families abroad, you can select a payment method of Monthly Credit Card or Direct Withdrawl to a Savings/Chequing account.

To change your payment method, please call:
(Local) 604-525-5481
(Toll Free): 1-866-525-4673

For more information contact Rainbow Choi, Program Manager
Phone: 1-866-525-4673
Email Rainbow at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.