More about health education

HOPE International Development Agency is providing health education as well as other practical support, helping families and communities improve and maintain their health.

One of the key initiatives in our health education efforts is helping children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. In many cases, they are left parentless, hopeless, and are often ill themselves.

Since its discovery in 1981, AIDS has claimed more than 25 million lives. More than 33 million people worldwide are living with AIDS right now, 2 million of which are children. While global in scale, the HIV/AIDS epidemic is a catastrophe that has hit Sub-Saharan Africa particularly hard.

The HIV/AIDS prevalence rate there is the highest in the world.The children that are orphaned by AIDS rarely have the means to support themselves.

In Africa, approximately 11 million orphans are left begging on the streets or are taken in by extended families themselves struggling to survive. A terrible burden is placed upon the grandparents, aunts, uncles and neighbours to provide housing, food and education for these children. In the wake of this disease is a generation of children who are increasingly vulnerable to exploitation and disease. In order to offer these children a future more promising than their past, orphans and extended families need our support.

Saving HIV/AIDS orphans from a life on the street.

Children deserve to have a future. Every child deserves love and care. Every child deserves enough food to eat, a safe place to sleep, and an opportunity to learn. With proper guidance and a suitable education, children are better able to avoid living on the streets and the lure of the sex trade, therefore reducing their risk of HIV infection. A cycle of hope and promise can replace the all too familiar cycle of poverty, infection and death.

HOPE International Development Agency is investing in the lives of children in Africa, and we are asking you to join us. Preventative education, support for those living with HIV/AIDS, and community awareness building are a priority for our HIV/AIDS work in Africa. By approaching this epidemic from a holistic standpoint, we are helping to educate and nurture children who have been orphaned by AIDS.