You can give the world's poorest people clean water.

Every year HOPE International Development Agency donors support between 50 to 65 initiatives in as many as 20 countries worldwide, many of which give people access to reliable supplies of clean water right in their communities.

You can give to support these featured initiatives or you can give to where most needed at this time within our clean water efforts.

Southern Ethiopia - Clean Water

Donate to give clean water to one person in Bonke

In remote communities of Bonke woreda, southern Ethiopia, families spend hours of their day walking to collect drinking water that is often not safe for consumption. Families are suffering greatly as rely on water from ponds, rivers, and unprotected springs. Dirty water means sickness, missed school and lot hope. This makes it challenging for mothers, fathers, and children to meet their full potential.

HOPE International Development Agency is working with these communities to provide access to a nearby source of clean water. HOPE works alongside each community to construct a water system that serves the entire community, by protecting naturally occurring springs, and using gravity to pipe the water to the community.

When clean water is present, families are healthier; they are able to focus on improving their lives through health education and hygiene training. Women are able to increase their incomes and build better lives for their families by participating in self-help groups that provide mutual support, income-earning skills training, and low-interest loans that enable women to start businesses.

Given the remote and rugged terrain of southern Ethiopia, it costs $750 to provide clean water for one family. For $125, one person is able to access clean water for a lifetime, and all that comes with it.

You can give clean water for life for $125.

Mindanao, Philippines

Donate to help indigenous families

In the Philippines, many marginalized communities live in vulnerability, often located in distant and inaccessible areas of the country that are rarely reached by basic social services. These communities lack access to clean water, healthcare, education, and opportunities to earn a dignified living.

HOPE International Development Agency is working among these vulnerable communities in the Philippines, where families lack access to a nearby source of clean water.

Preventable illnesses, such as diarrhea, are among the top five causes of illness and death, especially for children. Water is a key starting point for development: the process of planning and building a water system together, as a community, is often a catalyst for communities to begin making other positive changes in their community.

You can help ensure that vulnerable communities in the Philippines gain access to clean water. It costs $325 to provide clean water for one family in the Philippines, or $65 per person.

South Sudan

Donate to give clean water and education

In South Sudan, families are struggling to earn a decent living and to provide for their children. Even the most basic needs such as access to clean water and an education for their children is often not an option.

Access to clean water is vital for health and development. Without it, women and children will spend their days fetching water from faraway rivers, only to get sick when they drink and cook with it. In Ibba, HOPE is supporting the drilling of wells to provide clean water for families, right in their village.

HOPE International Development Agency is also supporting education for children. Education is also vital so that children and their parents have the knowledge they need to become self-sufficient. Equipping communities with safe spaces for children to learn and capable teachers who can ignite a passion for learning will mean that the next generation of South Sudanese leaders will be equipped to carry their communities and their country forward. Providing families with access to knowledge about simple, inexpensive ways they can stay healthier is also key.

It costs $550 to provide clean water for a family in South Sudan, and $50 to ensure one child has access to education for a year.



Donate to give a biosand water filter to a family in India

Having water can be as deadly as not having water. In many communities, water is only available every few days, at community taps. The water is often contaminated and can cause serious illness or even death.

You can give an easy-to-make and maintain biosand water filter that purifies contaminated water and ensures that clean water is available for a family, right at home.

You can give a biosand water filter to a family in India for as litle as $60.


Talaxcoc, Guatemala

Donate to give clean water to one person in Talaxcoc

In Talaxcoc, mothers and children walk long distances every day to collect water. The main water source for their community is a river at the bottom of the valley, proving to be a challenging hike just to get water, water which has been contaminated by sewage and waste from an upstream urban town. In order to get their day’s supply, families make the 2 to 3 kilometre trek each way to the river several times each day.

Most families in Talaxcoc are farmers, growing corn and beans for consumption. A few also grow and process sugar canes to sell sugar cane juice and sugar blocks.

HOPE International Development Agency is helping mothers and their children gain access to safe drinking water. When the water system is complete, safe water will be piped right into Talaxcoc, reducing sickness, time, and stress for families.

You can give clean water to one person in Talaxcoc for $100.


Donate to where most needed and let us determine where best to use your donation among these and other clean water initiatives.

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