Every HOPE International Development Agency effort helps people become free from poverty through their own initiative.

Why we help and hope that you'll join us.

783 million
people drink unsafe water
1.4 billion
people go hungry every day
children perish every day
1 billion
people can't read or write
1.1 billion
children live in poverty

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How we work with families and communities to end poverty.

One:  We help communities and families determine what's needed in order to become free from poverty.
Two:  We enable, whenever possible, communities and families to do the work themselves.
Three:  We assess the outcomes and report back to you what's been achieved.

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Where we are working to end poverty.

Nearly 1 million people, are helped every year through 60+ initiatives in as many as 20 countries in Africa, Asia, and Central America.

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What we do with your donations.

Every dollar you give helps free communities and families from poverty.

We make every effort to keep our adminstration cost as low as possible, without affecting the quality of the work you fund.

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